The AzTAP Assistive Technology Lab 2018-04-05T13:09:11-07:00

The AzTAP Assistive Technology Lab and the Conference/Training Room along with the devices in our inventory are available by appointment to teachers, therapists, VR Counselors and others interested in conducting their own AT assessments, trainings and vendor-sponsored product demonstrations.

If you are planning to use AzTAP devices and would like the assistance of one of our AT Specialists during your assessment or training please submit your request at our AT Demonstration and Loan Program page.   Please note that we will usually need several days advance notice so that we can make sure staff is available, the equipment is in our inventory and set up properly, and any necessary software or apps are installed on computers or tablets prior to your visit.

To reserve the training room or the lab without equipment and the involvement of an AzTAP AT Specialist, call 602-728-9534 or send an email to

Equipment Demonstration in AzTAP Lab